Adelaide Theosophical Bookshop

ts-bookshop adelaideThe Adelaide TS Bookshop opened in February, 1968, and was the first metaphysical bookshop in South Australia and still is the only non-profit bookshop of its type.

Opening Hours

Monday-Friday 10am-6pm
Saturday 10am-4pm
Sunday 12noon-4pm

Birth of the TS Bookshop

The Society decided that a bookshop would provide the public with much sought-after spiritual literature, which was not readily available elsewhere.

At the time Theosophical bookshops were the only places where such things as translations of ancient Indian and Tibetan texts were sold.

As time went on more and more books were written on such subjects as reincarnation, clairvoyance, chakras, dreams etc. as well as the sacred sciences of yoga, astrology, tarot and numerology until these subjects are now almost mainstream reading.

Today’s range

We still maintain an extensive range of hand-picked metaphysical titles, with an emphasis on content quality.

It’s much easier and simpler to choose the right book when you can browse through a selection.

Why waste your valuable time trawling through various websites when you can be assured that the best selection of metaphysical titles, chosen by our expert staff, is right here in a real bookshop!

If we do not have the title you are looking for on the shelf, we are happy to order them in.

Customers often tell us that our order fulfillment times are faster than those of the well-known internet mega-stores.

For our regular customers and incorrigible book lovers, we provide a generous loyalty programme.