THE DARKENING OF THE LIGHT Witnessing the End of an Era

By Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee is an American teacher in the Naqshbandiyya-Mujaddidiyya Sufi order. At the beginning of the new millennium he became aware of a new spiritual light awakening in the core of the world. He understood this light to represent the possibility for global human transformation as we approached the end of an age […]

SACRED SOUND Discovering the Myth & Meaning of Mantra & Kirtan

By Anna Kaivalya The use of sound vibrations has played a role in most methods of spiritual practice, but is integral to Eastern forms. Many people are being exposed to Sanskrit mantras due to the current popularity of yoga practice, but have little understanding of their background and meaning. In this comprehensive new resource, Alanna […]

THE SPARK IN THE MACHINE How the Science of Acupuncture explains the Mysteries of Western Medicine

By Dr Daniel Keown Western medicine has consistently rejected the theoretical basis of acupuncture, even though nowadays, its practical efficacy for pain relief is grudgingly accepted.  This state of affairs is largely due to the fact that anatomical science has not been able to physically locate the qi channels or meridians. Therefore, they do not […]


By Bruce Fife This new and revised version of the bestselling Coconut Oil Miracles informs readers once again of the many health benefits available from this natural product direct from nature. You could compare it to the amazing qualities of the humble lemon which is stated to be both good for your digestive system and […]

THE SELF-ACTUALISING COSMOS The Akasha Revolution in Science and Human Consciousness

An exciting revolution is under way in science. A new paradigm is emerging and Ervin Lazslo is at the cutting edge. His new book is dedicated to conveying the principles of this new paradigm in language that is as simple as possible- but it needs to be said that the appendices are not easy for […]


In 1600 Giordano Bruno, the well known hermetic philosopher, was burnt at the stake by the Venetian inquisition. On the surface, this was for ideological reasons, but Farrell maintains there were other, murkier powers behind this unfortunate, but probably inevitable, event. Powers who felt threatened by this man and his ideas. This book asks why […]

SPIRITUAL CLEARINGS Sacred Practices to Release Negative Energy and Harmonize your Life by Diana Burney

Diana believes that we all, as emissaries of Light,  have a responsibility to help purge the planet of negative energies released during the turbulence of the Earth changes at the end of last century.  In this book she shares with us the techniques she has learnt from both her own extensive experience and from received […]


We can all experience the multidimensional nature of our true selves through such things as awareness of our subtle bodies, astral projection and encounters with ‘alien’ intelligences. The trouble is, most often we are so involved in our daily life in this most physical of the various dimensions we inhabit, that we do not recognise […]

RED HOT AND HOLY a Heretic’s Love Story

By Sera Beak As a child Sera felt a strong call to serve a Divine impulse she could not put a name to. There were certainly neither answers to be found, nor opportunities on offer to follow the calling, in the Catholic environment where she grew up.  She went on to study religion at Harvard, […]

THE TURNING POINT- Creating Resilience in a Time of Extremes by Gregg Braden

There is no doubt that we live in times of extremes, just look at our recent weather, what is happening around the world, in our jobs, health and so on. Changes seem to be coming along rapidly so how do we cope with these changing ways? In this book the author looks at what is […]