BEYOND AREA 51 The Mysteries of the Planet’s most forbidden, top secret destinations…

Beyond Area 51Area 51 is known as the most secret US.Air Base located at Groom Lake, Nevada. Newly released CIA documents acknowledge some of the rumors and strange activities (including possible housing of UFO’s and alien bodies) at the Air Force Flight Test Centre.

This Atomic Energy Commission’s Nevada test site became central in the development of the U2 spy plane and probably a range of other exotic weapons. Many UFO sightings have been recorded in the area.

The author now looks at a number of other inexplicable sites around the world where similar Area 51 activities and unexplained events have said to have occurred. Perhaps many of the UFO’s can be attributed to the fact that many of them are recorded near secret defence sites, or maybe they can be explained due to natural occurrences such as at Colorado’s San Luis Valley (SLV) where there are huge tectonic plates coming together causing seams or rifts to occur. Rio Grande Valley, close to SLV, is one of the largest rifts in the world.

Still there is no shortage of reports and sightings across the world, and here author Mack Maloney looks at these sites in order to help explain (or not) what may be happening and why. Of course Australia has its own secret sites and places of strange happenings such as Woomera, Nullarbor Plain and the very secretive Pine Gap. Pine Gap is jointly run by the USA and Australia. Stray too close to the site and men inblack will be paying you a visit very soon. What really goes on in there? Will we ever know?

Why has the USA Navy a secret base called Atlantis Undersea Test and Evaluation Centre (AUTEC) on Andros Island in the Bahamas not far fare from the very mysterious Bermuda Triangle?

No one really knows the truth but reading this book may help explain the many mysteries on this tiny planet.



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