Inspiring stories for making the most of each moment, by Ajahn Brahm

This author’s name will be familiar to many- he is currently abbot of  Bodhinyana monastery in WA and Spiritual Advisor to the Buddhist Society of SA. He also, perhaps unexpectedly, has a degree in theoretical physics from Cambridge, though becoming a monk soon after graduating. He is also possessed of an impish sense of humour, which shines through brilliantly in this collection of short, some very short, wisdom stories. It contains parables from Ajahn Brahm’s personal experiences, traditional Hinayana teaching tales and others totally belonging to the 21st Century! The practical, grounded wisdom and advice for meeting the challenges of modern daily life contained in these pages is both priceless and frequently hilarious. A delightful book that can be opened at random to bring both a smile to the face and understanding to the mind …


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