EARTH ACUPUNCTURE Healing the Living Landscape by Gail Reichstein Rex

earth acupunctureOne day, out of the blue, and during a meditation class, author and professional acupuncturist, Gail experienced a vivid and compelling vision of the environmental damage being done to the Hudson River, near her home. Simultaneously, she heard an inner voice assuring her that she was capable of healing these wounds. These events made an impression too powerful to be ignored, but the question was ‘How to proceed?’ Not wanting to bumble around with random projects that may, or may not, be healing for the river, Gail decided to cultivate an inner stillness and wait for guidance.  What follows is an exciting journey of discovery. She finds that healing work with nature depends on the same elements used with her acupuncture clients- asking and listening, giving and receiving. The earth’s body is found to be like that of a human being, the similarities at times suprisingly literal. Earth Acupuncture is a deeply thoughtful book, at times reading like an adventure story, with unexpected personal twists. A pleasure to read.

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