ENERGY MEDICINE The Scientific Basis by James Oschman

energymedicineoschmaqnAfter a wait of 16 years, the updated second edition of this groundbreaking book is finally available, with all the latest exciting research developments affecting the fields of energetic, bodywork and movement therapies.

Over a few short decades  scientists have gone from a conviction  that energy fields circulating  in and around the human body are totally fictional to an absolute certainty that they are real, and can be measured with equipment that is sensitive enough. These new discoveries do not require science to abandon current understanding of physiology, biochemistry or molecular biology, but, on the contrary, extend and expand our knowledge of living processes and of healing to finer levels of structure and function.

Some of the most interesting emerging concepts  are in the study of the properties of what is becoming known as the ‘living matrix’, a structure in every living being,  where every cell is connected to every other through the connective tissue network and where communication is much faster that through the neuronal system.

Another field where there has been substantial related research is in the area of acupuncture and related disciplines. What is being scientifically measured in relation to traditional meridians and acupoints is fascinating. Energy Medicine, 2nd edition,  is a must for bodywork, acupuncture and vibrational  therapists wanting to deepen their understanding of why their modalities work and gain understanding of  how to improve their effectiveness.

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