Holy Trinity and the Law Of Three – Discovering the Radical Truth at the Heart of Christianity

Cynthia Bourgeault  (author of the popular “Meaning of Mary Magdalene”) in this book she explores the revolutionary idea there is a unique and authentic Christian metaphysics represented by the doctrine of the trinity. A metaphysics that has nothing in common with either Neoplatonism or Gnosticism, but is more in line with the ternary system found in the teachings of  Gudjieff on the Law of Three. A ternary system is asymmetrical and inherently innovative, and in the book she demonstrates how this can work in many practical ways. This idea, she claims, has been unrecognised overtly, but has, in the past, been intuited by mystics such as Teihard de Chardin and Jacob Boehme. A fascinating new look at a difficult concept.

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