HOW TO EAT by Thich Nhat Hanh

How To Eat Thich Nhat HanhZen master Thich Nhat Hanh is author of many books on mindfulness, happiness and peace.

This little pocket-sized book, How To Eat, is part of series which includes How to Sit, Making Space and Mindfulness in the Garden,  and is a reminder that eating can allow us to be in the now (present) if we take time to consider eating as a meditative practice.

Mindful eating can calm your mind as you consider the food you eat. For example you can contemplate the process that the particular food you are about to eat got to the end product. i.e. the planting, growing, water used, sun, work by the farmer/ picker, how it arrived to the shop or market, your preparation and cooking at home.

The book teachers us to slow down, enjoy our food and be thankful for the gift from the universe while we share with family/ friends or just by ourselves as we practice mindful eating. Take the time to appreciate the food, eat healthily and mindfully. ……..Bon Appetit

You can buy How To Eat online here.


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