James R DotyA Neurosurgeon’s Quest to Discover the Mysteries of the Brain and the Secrets of the Heart by James R Doty

Every now and then one comes across a book that cannot be put down until the last word has been read. This is such a book. James Doty shares with us his difficult and troubled childhood where the struggle to simply survive left no room for the consideration of any future prospects, such as what he might do when he grew up. One summer, at age 12 he meets someone very different, who teaches him relaxation, along with techniques to release the power of negative thoughts, open the heart and visualise future desires.  These help him overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles on the way to career success, wealth and prestige. Although, warned by his teacher not to attempt the visualisation techniques until his heart is truly open, so that he will manifest only what is genuinely the best for him, he ignores the advice. Whilst achieving immense worldly success, it takes a couple of catastrophes for him to realise that this was a mistake. This results in a profound transformation- towards compassion and altruism- where true and lasting happiness can be found. Into the Magic Shop is an intensely moving and inspiring story.

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