Karma of Love – 100 Answers for Your Relationship from the Ancient Wisdom of Tibet

This author of ‘The Diamond Cutter’ and ‘How Yoga Works’ is an entertaining and gentlyKarma of Love writer, and, unlike many senior monks in the Tibetan tradition, who have lived a monastic life since childhood, he has had personal experience of the joys and sorrows of human relationships. Unlike the aforementioned books, this new title is not in narrative form. It is in the form of a  compilation of  the specific solutions heGeshe-la has given as answers to the most common relationship-related questions he has been asked on his teaching travels.   They are not the answers you would expect to find in most self-help books on the subject.  These solutions involve the application of advanced traditional Tibetan karmic principles to the various issues- including lessons in how to plant the right sort of karmic seeds within ourselves to achieve the desired outcome. This system can never fail, insists Geshe-la. Must be worth a try!

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