PHANTOM SELF (And how to find the real one)

phantom selfPHANTOM SELF (And how to find the real one) is the latest book from David Icke (2016). Icke credits a widely publicised spiritual transformation with giving him the courage to speak out fearlessly against lies and deceit. He travels extensively, offering public talks and discussions about the belief systems and clandestine interests that shape our world.

He is the author of several well known titles, including “Heal The World”, “The Robots’ Rebellion” and “Truth Vibrations”.  Who or what is driving global society down a dark road of 24/7 control, surveillance and tyranny? And why? The phantom self is the ‘you’ that you think is you, but isn’t. It’s a hoax ‘you’ to enslave your sense of reality in limitation, little me and ‘I know my place’.

Icke contends that we live in the realm of the Phantom Self which is why society can be so ‘insane, stupid and brutal; but when the gateway is opened to Infinite Self the madness must end – and it will end.

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