PLANT SPIRIT MEDICINE A Journey into the Healing Wisdom of Plants

According to the author, this book has been 25 years in the making. From an early age Eliot Cowan found himself spontaneously in an intuitive relationship with the spiritual healing essences of certain plants. This relationship was largely forged through dream encounters with the plant spirits themselves, who taught him how to work with them. Among many other things, they taught him that plant spirits will do nothing unless they are asked and that any healing is done by the spirit as a favour to the healer. Of course, this is completely at variance with the modern western idea of pharmacy and has nothing to do with any particular active ingredients in the plants themselves. This explains why so many excursions by pharmaceutical companies into rainforests in search of new cures has resulted in failure. Eliot Cowan later went on to study acupuncture and now  blends the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine with what he has learned through his own vision quests into the realm of plant spirits and from what he has been taught by various Mexican shamanic healers. He includes in the book vivid descriptions of these explorations and the remedies they can bring. There are also stories from four revered traditional healers showing  how they personally relate to the spirit power of plants, although it is made clear that these traditional methods may not be suitable outside the culture. However we can begin our own personal healing journeys into the plant spirit world and it is certainly not necessary to go to plantthe Amazon to do this- the place to start is in our own backyards, forming relationships with the subtle beings already living alongside us.


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