RED HOT AND HOLY a Heretic’s Love Story

By Sera Beak

As a child Sera felt a strong call to serve a Divine impulse she could not put a name to. There were certainly neither answers to be found, nor opportunities on offer to follow the calling, in the Catholic environment where she grew up.  She went on to study religion at Harvard, and, as part of this education, studied Buddhism in India, but found she much  preferred dancing to meditation, and thought the prescribed traditional paths paths to enlightenment ‘boring’. Charting one’s own path towards an authentic spirituality is never easy, especially when one’s journey takes one to the very edges of cultural and social respectability! Sera’s goddess is wild, passionate and sometimes fierce- think Sekhmet, Kali, Lilith and Cypriot Aphrodite. The journey to know and embrace the ‘Red Lady’ who spoke so insistently to her, and integrate the teachings into her psyche is intense, honest and at times very funny. Her education and knowledgeable background enables us to take her seriously- it is never shallow.  An inspirational page-turner!


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