RETURN TO LIFE Extraordinary Cases of Children Who Remember Past Lives by Jim B Tucker MD

It takes great courage for a scientist to risk a career to explore anomalous phenomena. Ian Stevenson, leading researcher into the past life memories of children was one of those brave souls. His pioneering work is now being continued by his former colleague Dr Tucker, and others. Whilst many of the most convincing cases documented by Dr Stevenson were found in Asia, where a belief in reincarnation is very common among the local populations, this book concentrates on recent cases reported in western countries. The stories make fascinating reading. As well as documenting these cases, Dr Tucker looks at how this phenomenon sits with current understanding, or lack of understanding, of the ramifications of quantum mechanics- which imply a reality where events do not occur until conscious beings observe them, and where time is therefore not linear. Dr Tucker also looks at the quantum-like nature of dreams and suggests that perhaps, after death, we simply move from one dream into another. As he says in the book, ‘What people believe is possible determines what is indeed possible for them, and being aware of the mental foundation of the world may open us up to new possibilities.’return


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