Respected social scientist, psychologist and author Matthew McKay is best known for his best-selling books on communication skills and self-esteem. However, Seeking Jordanthe tragic death of his 23-year old son in a random shooting event initiated a sometimes intellectually challenging and painful journey in a completely new direction.

Seeking Jordan contains the fruits of an, eventually successful, quest to find a way to connect with his lost child.  In so doing, hitherto unsuspected  aspects of life and consciousness are discovered.  A vivid and emotionally moving picture of a loving, conscious reality in which all life plays a part is painted. A reality that transcends the loss of the physical body.

One of the most interesting aspects of this expanded view of life discussed in the book concerns the dangers of the common human need for certainty in spiritual life and the value of doubt. The need for certainty is seen as a response to fear and an obstacle to growth, doubt as necessary for development.

As the book says ‘seeking, in an environment where nothing can be proved or verified, creates openness to all the infinite possibilities’.  A beautiful and inspiring read!  You can buy Seeking Jordan online here

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