SELF REMEMBERING The path to non-judgemental Love by Red hawk

self remembering red hawkThis book presents a roadmap for the development of presence and attention.

The author’s intention is that it should be read in conjunction with his earlier work Self observation: The awakening of Conscience, but it easily stands alone.

His philosophy is drawn from Zen, Bengali Baul, Ramana Maharshi, Carlos Castaneda and Gurdjieff’s 4th Way, among others, and he believes that the power to heal ourselves is present at birth. In  Self-Remembering,  he offers practical guidelines that allow one to know with certainty, not from imagination, theory, thought or self-delusion, when one is truly present and awake.

Objective feedback mechanisms are available to everyone to answer the questions ‘Am I awake now?’ and ‘How do I know?’ The help in answering those two crucial questions is both invaluable and life changing for those willing to make the effort to follow the guidelines.

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