goddess and the shamanKent, an Australian author, explores the resurgence of magical and shamanic healing in the world today (published 2016). She talks about how recovering from disease, pain and mental illness can mean addressing
otherworldly causes such as soul loss, soul fragmentation or invasive spirits. She shares how ritual practice and mystical experience can be used as tools to foster spiritual and psychological growth. Her background is in teaching university courses in educational and developmental psychology, and she has a degree in teaching, counselling and psychotherapy, and a doctorate in social ecology. She is also a psychic who has practiced high magic and Wicca.  The Goddess represents the numinous reality of the universe while the shaman represents the archetypal figure that can access the other side to bring forth knowledge and healing. This is a progressive book with an author who seeks to bring together academic understanding, professional experience, and otherworldly concepts of magic and healing. Chapters include discussions on sanity and madness, shamanism and psychosis and the Goddess in the consulting room.

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