THE GRACE IN AGING Awaken as you grow older

The Grace In Ageing Kathleen DowlingBy Kathleen Dowling Singh

As we age, many of us are only dimly aware that our remaining time in this life is limited.

Our tendency is not to dwell on this inevitable fact, but carry on in a ‘business as usual’ sort of way, until something, illness perhaps, brings us face to face with our current reality.

By refusing to engage with the fact that, in aging, we have more of a past than a future, Kathleen Dowling Singh believes, as discussed in The Grace In Ageing, we are denying ourselves the opportunity to ripen into a wise elder, rather than simply become old.

She has identified that the special conditions catalysing such transformation are the same conditions that inevitably arise at the time of death.

These are opening to mortality, withdrawal from worldly mindedness, an embrace of silence, an acceptance of solitude, forgiveness, humility, commitment to the present moment, a life review and resolution, and finally, an opening of the heart and mind.

The book contains an inspiring, moving and deeply thoughtful inquiry into each of these conditions and explains why it is wise to gather them in and to put them in place in our lives long before our last breath.

This work is a true treasure for anyone in the latter decades of life- to read and read again!

You can buy The Grace In Ageing online here.


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