lampApart from a few well known nuns from the Tibetan tradition it is quite rare to see the words of contemporary female Buddhist teachers in print, especially those in the Zen tradition. This book, therefore is a welcome revelation. It includes 100 short teaching stories or koans from the past 25 centuries, mostly sourced from East Asia. These stories themselves are unusual because they each feature remarkable women from the past in the role of a teacher or awakener who often demonstrates to the aspirant the crucial difference between conceptual study and direct experience. Each story is followed by a commentary and reflection from a female contemporary teacher, many of whose names are barely known outside their own Centres. Their perspective is often refreshingly different, accessible and down-to-earth. They are honest, funny and full of rare wisdom and compassion, and the collection is a delight to read, enjoy and absorb.

Edited by Florence Caplow and Susan Moon


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