THE IMMORTAL MIND Science and the Continuity of Consciousness beyond the Brain

By Ervin Laszlo and Anthony Peake

Imagine, for a moment, a world where we are all aware that we live in a conscious universe and that each of us forms an intrinsic part of it. If there was general recognition that all life possesses an immortal mind, imagine how that might change the way we relate to each other and to nature on a daily basis.  Ervin Laszlo and others are challenging the paradigm that consciousness is purely a function of the brain, and the scientific evidence is mounting to support this view. Part one of this book looks at the available evidence of consciousness beyond the brain through studies into Near Death Experiences- one of which has shown that, remarkably, consciousness continues to exist even when a medical patient has ‘flatlined’. It also looks at instances of after death communication, both through psychic mediums and through electronic devices. Part two looks at the most recent results of experimental physics which is tending to imply a conscious cosmic matrix beyond spacetime wherein all the phenomena described in part one would have a natural place. This book contains the latest developments in Laszlo’s ‘Akashic Field’ theory and makes for fascinating reading.


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