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Carol first trip to The South of France twenty years ago changed her life – she connected with the living presence of Mary Magdalene in the land, which started her quest and journey to find out more. Like most people on the planet today she used to believe that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute, forgiven and blessed by Jesus, who became one of his followers and who had the good fortune to be the first to see him after his resurrection. Little did she know or understand her true role and spiritual influence not only in Jesus’s life and his legacy, but on a vast milieu of people’s and cultures throughout the ages until this day. After 2000 years of suppression and distortion, it is emerging that she was a spiritual force in her own right, a healer and teacher, and a vital part of the ancient Goddess worship tradition in The South of France. Carol has discovered that many village churches are dedicated to her, in many churches she is portrayed as the Black Madonna, connecting her to the Goddess Isis. Many churches depict her as pregnant, with Jesus, some believe that she was married to Jesus and bore his children, creating a royal bloodline within the Merovingian kings of France.  Cathars, Templar Knights, Troubadours worshiped her and to this day the Gypsies celebrate her arrival in St Marie De La Mer. Whether legend or fact, Mary Magdalene has come to represent the Divine Feminine restored to her true place of value and power in the 21st century.


In 1999, whilst attending a French Medical Aromatherapy workshop in the Languedoc region of The South of France, Carol had an awakening, a mystical experience with the local wild flowers. During the lunch break she went for a walk to stretch her legs and to relax her mind. As Carol casually strolled in a field of wild flowers, her eye rested on a beautiful pink flower, the Pyramid orchid. All of a sudden it communicated to her telepathically, that it was “good for anchoring and strengthening the Soul presence in the Pineal gland”. Apart from Aromatherapy, Carol had been teaching classes on Flower Essence Therapy, such as The Bach system and the Australian Bush flowers, but she had never been or expected to be a creator of her own system. Yet, here she was in a field of wild flowers, communing with a flower. After this first introduction the entire field came alive and various flowers started to talk with her sharing their healing gifts and how they can help humanity shift into a higher consciousness. Carol found out that this land carried the ancient consciousness and sacred wisdom of Mary Magdalene and Jesus, in continuation from a long lineage of Masters connecting to ancient Egypt and Atlantis. Initially Carol made 10 flower essences and now, after 20 years, the system comprises of 41 essences, including a tree bark essence and the star, The Mary Magdalene Cave essence.

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