coconutBy Bruce Fife

This new and revised version of the bestselling Coconut Oil Miracles informs readers once again of the many health benefits available from this natural product direct from nature.

You could compare it to the amazing qualities of the humble lemon which is stated to be both good for your digestive system and can be used in nearly all household cleaning tasks to great effect.

Bruce asks the question “Why do Polynesians, who stay out in the sun most of the day, have very good completions and suffer little from such diseases like skin cancer? It seems to have something to do with the fact that they use coconut oil as a sun tan lotion, for cooking and of course eating/drinking the flesh and milk

Beneficial properties of coconut oil could help with the prevention of heart disease, premature aging of the skin, Alzheimer’s disease, detoxification of the body, help with weight loss and much more.

The book includes a number of recipes to help you get hooked on what could be a life saving oil.


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