We can all experience the multidimensional nature of our true selves through such things as awareness of our subtle bodies, astral projection and encounters with ‘alien’ intelligences. The trouble is, most often we are so involved in our daily life in this most physical of the various dimensions we inhabit, that we do not recognise these unusual experiences for what they are and, so doing, miss the implications of them.  Kim McCaul does not ask us to believe anything- his aim is to ‘reawaken, or deepen awareness of, that subtle part of yourself that knows exactly why you are here in this lifetime, that looks upon all of life with unconditional love and has set itself a personal goal for this life.’ Towards this end of the book, he shares with us his own spiritual journey and the teachings he has received from three of his own remarkable teachers. He also shares some of the meditative techniques he has learned so that we can experience these teachings for ourselves and understand our energetic fields better. In addition we can come to understand that there are many discarnate consciousnesses around us all the time. Also stressed is the importance of service, in many different ways, to our evolution as individuals and as groups. Kim’s down to earth approach to the subject matter makes for absorbing reading- and we are fortunate enough to be hosting a visit from him on 24th May. It promises to be an interesting afternoon!


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