SECRETS OF ABORIGINAL HEALING – a Physicist’s Journey with a Remote Australian Tribe, by Gary Holz D.Sc

In 1983 Gary was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and in 1994 (aged 43) was told he had 2 years to live and there was no cure for his disease.  By a strange coincidence he came across an Australian Naturopath in a US jazz bar. This meeting led to a contact who knew some Aboriginal healers in outback Australia. Gary decided to ring the Australian number and he found himself (completely out of character) bound for Australia all by himself with family and friends thinking he was crazy. He then experienced a  remarkable two week stay in an outback Aboriginal camp working with a healer using the old Aboriginal system of emotional, spiritual and physical healing . What he needed to learn were the five essential healing steps of willingness, awareness, acceptance, empowerment and focus. Gary also needed to let go of past negative experiences (alcoholic and violent father, the suicide of his brother, failed marriages and lack of communication from his children) aboriginalas these events were adding to his illness. A miraculous recovery unfolded and Gary returned to the US to help spread the word on this alternative healing method as his own healing process continued. He died in 2007. An interesting read into traditional Australian healing and a “never say never” approach to health.



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