SPIRITUAL CLEARINGS Sacred Practices to Release Negative Energy and Harmonize your Life by Diana Burney

Diana believes that we all, as emissaries of Light,  have a responsibility to help purge the planet of negative energies released during the turbulence of the Earth changes at the end of last century.  In this book she shares with us the techniques she has learnt from both her own extensive experience and from received wisdom, to clear ourselves, our homes and our workplaces of many different types of negativity and non-productive energetic attachments. It is a thorough and detailed guide to the clearing process and the beings of Light who can be called upon to assist in this work.  In addition, Diana looks at necessary attitudinal changes we may need to make  and the level of commitment necessary  in order to sustain the increase in vibration that the clearings will surely bring. To this end, there is discussion on the art of letting go of negative emotions, methods of improving intuition and communication with guides and other higher beings who will help us to grow spiritually. Diana has tested and found all the techniques in the book to be effective, and has thus produced an excellent and most comprehensive guide to healing, renewal and self-fulfillment.clearing

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