There is no need to wait until the end of this book to find the reason for the title- it’s there in the first couple of pages. Even ardent chocoholics might be convinced! As mindfulness has become so popular, in recent years, that it has become trademarked and copyrighted by self-styled gurus, David Michie feels there is a need to go back to Buddhist basics. He also feels that the truly transformational power of the practice is becoming lost as various forms of ‘mindfulness’ training have become a part of corporate and even military culture- where it is  often seen as the equivalent of ‘push-ups for the brain.’ However, mindfulness practice needs to be combined with a regular meditation practice to achieve the well-documented benefits, which include stress reduction, the lowering of high blood pressure, the boosting of immunity, the slowing of the aging process and the enhancement of well-being and happiness. Who could say ‘no’ to all that, at a time when cognitive overload is draining our attention spans and destroying our peace of mind? And, 10 minutes a day, of a simple meditation practice, is all that is needed, David Michie assures us, as long as it is regular. Two effective practices are described in the book, along with hints to avoid any resistance that may inevitably occur- games our mind might play to divert our intentions and how to win them. Later in the book is a discussion on the nature of mind and a more advanced meditative process, but I’m sure we can all find 10 minutes a day in our busy lives to enhance our health and well-being in such remarkable ways, and David Michie is delightfully  positive to read.



  1. Thank you so much for this delightful review, Gaynor Fraser. It came to my attention just yesterday! Warm wishes, David

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