Annie Harvey – Mindfulness and Laughing Yoga

Annie Harvey    “Mindfulness and Laughing Yoga”  

1.45 pm – 2.15 pm Upper Hall

Before emigrating to Australia 12 years ago, Annie was a marketing manager for a number of large companies. She then trained in Adelaide as a primary teacher and went on to own her own children’s tutoring business. Now a wellness coach, motivational speaker and mindfulness trainer, Annie lives on purpose to help raise awareness on how to be more mentally healthy, teaching short and practical skills to adults and children. Her added skill of being a laughter yoga facilitator adds a refreshing and energising angle to her life and her work. She was also a speaker at TEDx Adelaide in 2017.

Using just the breath, both mindfulness meditation and laughter has enabled her to feel more focussed and in the moment, more productive and less busy, more creative and people call her the ‘calm centre’ wherever she goes.

The Workshop “Mindfulness and Laughing Yoga”  will give you some useful and practical tools and strategies to use in your daily life. Whether it’s how to be more mindful and less living on autopilot to putting more joy back in your life, it will be a half hour of new experiences.


Annie’s book “The Little Book of Still”  is for those of you who believe that you are just too busy to meditate, too busy to stop, even for a moment, and make time for yourselves.

This thoughtful little book is the perfect opportunity to ‘pause’ your life and take those first small steps towards reducing stress with 30 simple and easy-to-remember everyday activities, from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Start improving your mental health in less than 3 minutes!


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