Margaret Sullivan – Introduction to AVATAR

‘Introduction to Avatar’ with Margaret Sullivan  3.30 pm in the library

Avatar is a course that teaches people skills for living deliberately. Created by Harry Palmer in 1986, it is now taught in over 60 countries worldwide.

Margaret is a retired Physiotherapist who now teaches Tai Chi for Health. All her life she has been an active explorer in consciousness, and about 10 years ago she discovered the Avatar course through a friend. Deciding to take that course proved to be the best decision of her life. It made such a profound change in her life that Margaret couldn’t wait to share these tools with others. She did the advanced courses, became a licensed Avatar Master, and now regularly help deliver the Avatar course in Australia and overseas.

The Avatar tools have helped Margaret navigate life’s challenges, to change long-standing habits of self-sabotage, and to create the life she wants. Avatar has helped her to recognize and create pathways of opportunity in her career, to heal rifts in her family, and to help friends and colleagues through crises and bereavement. The biggest one so far was helping her partner, herself and her loved ones through his final illness and passing. Margaret could not have done it without her Avatar tools.

She would love to introduce you to this practical and compassionate approach.

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