Neville Hyde – ‘Gnosticism and the Transfiguration of the Soul’

‘Gnosticism and the Transfiguration of the Soul’  1.00 pm  Lower Hall .

What is Gnosticism? Neville Hyde explains:

The word ‘gnosis’ is Greek, and means ‘knowledge’. In modern English, it has come to mean ‘directly perceived inner spiritual knowledge’, perceived by the faculties of the awakened soul consciousness. Many are experiencing this now, as we progress through the great changes that are taking place on Earth. Gnosis, or soul consciousness, opens up awareness of various realms or planes which were previously not perceivable.

The goal of the gnosis is to reveal inwardly the path to the realization of our original, eternally present true nature – pure unity consciousness, unconditional love, clarity of being, total self-empowerment. For these are the attributes of the true self, the soul, potentially restored. There is a transcendent inner light whose sole aim is to guide and energetically support seekers of the path to their own fulfillment. Openness to being touched by this Light of the Gnosis can lead to a transformation of our life through cellular acceleration. This involves activation of bodily organs and glands to their higher gnostic function, and a restoration of our body, soul and spirit unity. When we gather with this intent, by our open-heartedness, we create an atmosphere of love and timelessness, that we may each be nourished by the light of who we really are.

We may feel the direct connection with the renewing inner light; we may experience our own soul in its native clarity; our yearning for liberation may be answered – we may see the real possibility of soul freedom, and our realistic capacity to pursue it; we may clearly comprehend the necessity of letting our self-concerns go, to dwell in a self-emptying perspective, happy to be nobody, and thus create silent space in our heart to enliven the inner beloved, which is The All.

And then we can take these timeless gifts of spirit with us on our journey….

Resonated? Join Neville in the lower hall at 1.00 pm for his presentation ‘Gnosticism and the Transfiguration of the Soul’

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