Shirley Ingham ‘An Introduction to The Mahatma Letters’ at 1.00 pm Room 4



 An Introduction to The Mahatma Letters to A.P Sinnett – is a discussion on a primary source of Theosophical teachings – in which the letters from two adepts (Masters) to two members of the Theosophical Society in India are contemplated. The letters provide the history and importantly the Objects of the Society.

Shirley enjoys facilitating Discussion Groups, and Courses such as Introduction to Theosophy; Introduction to the Mahatma Letters; Self Transformation (Annie Besant) etc.

Theosophy gives her confidence to live in ‘today’, and in her future – and combined with the personal ‘spiritual experiences’ she has had – allows her to Know (ie HER truth) that there is something Other to this universe, just as the religious texts and Spiritual Leaders (Seers, Mahatmas ..) in all classic wisdom literature have suggested.

Shirley is inspired by Dr. Annie Besant – her courage and determination; her knowledge; her work for many years as the second International President of the Theosophical Society; her impact in the United Kingdom and in India; … and her model as a Leader who inspires us to be of Service.

Shirley has had an evolving career as an Educator, Teacher, Librarian, Resources Manager, Personal Growth Group Leader, Naturopath, and Girl Guide Adult and Youth Leader. She joined Adelaide Theosophical Society in 2001 and held a position of a President for four years.

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