Spiritual Healing by the South Australian Spiritual Healers association

 Spiritual Healing sessions between 12.15 pm – 2.15 pm in Room 4

SASHA (South Australian Spiritual Healers Association Inc.)

Spiritual Healing is an ancient method of healing which involves the transfer of healing energy of Love and Light. This energy has its origin in the one Universal Life-Spirit. Healers can consciously attune to this spiritual energy and channel it to the recipient.

Spiritual Healing works on all levels – spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. The energy flows to the recipient and removes blockages, restores balance and revitalises. It brings the feeling of peace, harmony; wholeness and well-being. The recipients may experience the sensation of warmth and tingling or even see colours.

Spiritual Healing is simple. It does not require the use of manipulation or pressure, only light touch is applied (the laying on of hands). Healing can be also performed without touching, through the recipient.

Allow half hour for your healing.

Did you know SASHA members offer spiritual healing at the Theosophical Society every fortnight?

Yes, on Tuesdays, remaining dates for 2018 are:

9th & 23rd of October
6th & 20th November
4th & 18th December


  1. Kerri Beasley says:

    Hello could you tell me is there are any sessions happening in 2019 please
    Regards Kerri

  2. Beverley Allen says:

    Spiritual Healing for 2019:
    12th & 26th March
    9th & 23rd April
    7th & 21st May
    4th & 18th June
    2nd, 16th & 30th July
    13th & 27th August
    10th & 24th September
    8th & 22nd October
    5th & 19th November
    3rd & 17th December

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